The Formed Weapon

The Formed Weapon

My Bible Study was always held on Mondays and consisted of a variety of people, of all ages.  My Pastor had suggested that it would be a good idea to start one because I was a leader and needed to begin leading.

A few months later I had a nice size group and we had a wonderful time each week.  I was amazed at how different ones would always show up with home-baked goods, drinks, snacks and paper goods.  I was grateful that they took it upon themselves to make these arrangements since it left me to the job of giving the teaching of the Word and dealing with the issues of the needy ones in the group.

Thanks to the Lord showing up in such powerful ways, we saw people fall under the hand of God, deliverances, healings and tremendous personal spiritual growth in many individuals.

One Sunday evening, I was awakened from a restful sleep at around five minutes till midnight.  I felt as though there were men stimulating me all over my body, as though I was involved in an orgy or something!  It was horrible!

I looked down at myself quickly and then realized it was spirits!  I jumped up, standing in the center of my bed, declared who I am in Christ, and commanded that every unclean spirit leave me in the Name of Jesus!  I said, “I plead the Blood of Jesus over me! I am a sanctified one unto the Lord of Hosts!  You have no authority over me devils! Get out!”

Then I asked, quietly and breathlessly, “Father, who formed that weapon against me?”

I immediately went into an open vision and saw a man who attended my Bible Study and he was masturbating!  The Lord showed it to me!  I thanked the Lord and quickly forgave the man and felt a tremendous sadness wash over my spirit.  This man was a powerful man of God and he still didn’t understand that his actions in the unclean spirit formed weapons against not only himself, but whomever he was thinking about as he was operating in that rebellion…

I thanked the Lord again for trusting me, because He knew He could show me something like that and get a proper reaction.

I prayed so long, I fell back to sleep while praying for the man.

The following day I arrived at the Bible Study early to set up as usual.  Waiting for me in his car was the man from the vision.  I felt my stomach churn and silently asked God to speak through me so I didn’t allow anything of myself to hinder Him and thus not bring glory to Him in this.

He gingerly jumped from his vehicle and was quick to try to take some of the items from my hands in order to assist me as we exchanged greetings and niceties.  I said a silent prayer and asked the Lord for His wisdom and love to rule the moment.

I told him that I was glad that he was here before everyone else since I wanted to speak to him for a moment.  His face brightened and he stood motionless for a second.  I asked, “What were you doing at a few minutes before midnight last night, do you remember?”

His face reddened and he averted his eyes from mine as he said, “Well, it’s funny that you ask because I was thinking of you!”

I said with quiet seriousness, “You were doing more than thinking…”

His head jerked in my direction and his eyes lit on mine briefly.  I continued, “Let me tell you what happened to me while you were masturbating.”

After describing the scene to him I explained that his actions formed weapons against us both!  “You need to understand that the root of that unclean activity is self-hatred and rejection.  We all have a war going on inside us.  You know?  The Bible says, to love the Lord with all our hearts, souls, minds and strength…you allowed your mind and your strength to be used by the enemy and it feeds the self-hatred, keeping it secure in your soul.  It also forms weapons against others and is very powerful and wicked.”

He was very distraught at this point and I got very quiet and soft spoken as I said, “God loves you so much!  Do you see that?  He allowed all this to be revealed for your healing.  The Word of Knowledge through a vision only comes to bring healing!  Let’s pray!”

I then prayed with him and the Lord touched us both!  What a wonderful time of healing!

The individual who masturbates is driven by a spirit of self-hatred and low self-image.  There is real and maybe exaggerated rejection involved as well.  God is trying to conform us to His own image and wants us to understand first and foremost that He is HOLY!  AND He loves us!

We are endowed with the most powerful living force ever released upon the universe!  –The Holy Spirit!  We must decide what we are going to do—build the Kingdom of God or the kingdom of the enemy.  We command the spirit realm, through our thoughts and actions and words, where we spend our money and time, etc.

The man of this story is and always will be a friend of mine.  I know him to be a powerhouse in the Kingdom and I am proud to know him.


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