This page is designed for those who want to listen to a lesson rather than read it. I have tried to keep them brief and will do my best to keep them under a half hour in length. I will soon be adding a section for video teachings…

This first lesson is called “The Forming of Weapons”.   How is a weapon formed against someone? What or who is the one forming them?  How do spirits operate against us–what are the spiritual laws regarding them?  This is a first part of several…in part one we look into how a weapon is formed. Part two we’ll look into how to diffuse them, and then in Part three we will attempt to examine ourselves and determine whether or not we have in fact been complicit with the enemy in forming weapons –even if unknowingly.  The Forming of Weapons Part 1

The Forming of Weapons Part 2


The Feasts of the LORD were given to us by YaHoVaH (Father God) in order for us to honor Him as creator God and provider. He showed us how He wanted to be honored and how He wanted to interact with us. He also told us that they were shadow pictures of good things to come. I have taken Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the year and put a teaching into audio file for easy learning.

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Renounce!  Part One  We must understand that we are now quickened spirits!  Our spirit man has been brought to life in Messiah Y’shua. (Jesus Christ). Now, the next step is to purify and sanctify ourselves in order to become all the He has for us. We have been polluted with idols. If we are living in this world, we have been polluted. It is something that can be remedied because we have been given all authority over the demonic realm. All demonic spirits must come under subjection to us when we are operating in the Holy Spirit, (Ruach HaKodesh).

I have put together a list of occult pollutions and I call it the first RENOUNCE LIST.  The next lesson will have additional things to be renounced, but we must do first things first.


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