Anger’s Estate My Kingdom

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Anger’s Estate, My Kingdom

I attended a Women’s God Encounter that was held at the Christian Retreat in Bradenton, Florida.  We were like a sequestered jury kept away from family and friends for one weekend.  I had wanted to attend when I first saw the advertisement in the Sunday bulletin, but I had just started a new job at the Agape Gardens Restaurant, which is part of the ministry of the Christian Retreat. 

The Sunday prior to the Encounter weekend the Senior Pastor, Jannette Derstine approached me, during service.  She said, “The Lord wants you to go to the Encounter Linda.  And before you protest and tell me all the reasons why you can’t go, let me say that I am prepared to pay for it.  And I am willing to say that if you go up to the altar right now and ask Pastor Rozell he will give you the weekend off-with pay!”

So I was obedient, and the Pastor prayed with me and agreed that it was what God wanted.

I immediately began to pray about what God wanted to do for me at the Encounter.

He answered me rather quickly, “Deal with anger.”

The weekend was everything I hoped it would be and ever more.  I knew during a specific event that I was delivered from a spirit of anger.  I felt it occur.  On Sunday of the Encounter Weekend they have all of the women who participated go in front of the Church and give testimony.  I gave mine:

“I was arrested and put into jail twice for assault.  That is a lot of anger.  I knew that God was going to deal with anger this weekend, because He told me before I went.  I didn’t understand it though, since I felt that I had come such a long way.  God told me this morning that yes I indeed had come a long way but that there was always more.  Always.” 

After church, I went home and lay on my bed.  I told the Lord that I didn’t understand why there was always more.  If I have a spirit expelled from me why is there more?

I went into an open vision:

There was this enormous heart and this set of doors, and as they opened this was the scene:

I was sitting in a throne room and it was extremely elaborate and gold was in every direction of my vision…

The finery!  My gown and hat were so exquisite—and yet I seemed to be so at home in it and in these surroundings.

I was leaning up against the little toe of the largest foot anyone could imagine.  (It was so immense that it was all that could be seen… the rest of the body, ankle on up, was beyond the beyond and out of sight.

There were courtiers and attendants in the throne room conversing and seeming to take care of their responsibilities.

Jesus was there–admiring me, His eyes adoring and attentive.  He was wearing the most glorious robe, his nobility and authority beaming from him, He-making the robe glorious.

I was at rest and so in love with My Lord that life was wonderful!

I sighed at that thought and smiled a dreamy virginal gleam towards Him.

Suddenly, and without announcing his entry into the throne room, an angry Knight dressed in black armor charged in and abruptly grabbed my arm and demanded that I go with him. 

He announced, “You are coming with me!  I have the right to you and I demand you leave with me this instant!”

Immediately, Jesus was at my other side holding onto my right arm.  I shrieked, “Lord make him go away!”

Before an argument could ensue there came a loud booming voice that when heard ALL knew that they must obey, for this voice commanded All…”Son, this cannot happen here.”

The Lord led us to the antechamber through the most outstanding, intricately carved golden door…

Once there the Black Knight, who had his plumed helmet under one arm, continued to demand that I leave with him.

Who was this horrid individual anyway?  I looked at the name written on the helmet; “WRATH” and I became confused.  I said to the Lord, “How can he be here? I banished him, I remember the entire episode…”

The Black Knight interrupted and sneered, “Yes it is true that you had me go and reduced my holdings, once, but I stayed in your kingdom and waited.  I have regained quite a bit of them and now it is time for you to go with me.  I claim my right and that it is to take effect immediately!”

“Lord!  What can I do?  I will not leave you!  Can I really get rid of him now and for all time?”

“You must truly banish him and take all of his land and holdings, all of them this time.  Then you must guard your heart, do not allow him to return.”

“Yes.  This is my kingdom and I am the Lady of this land.  I hereby strip you, Wrath, of all authority in this place, and over my life.  And I command you to relinquish all of your land and holdings in my kingdom.  You are Banished!  Get out of my kingdom!  And you must stay out.” 

I turned my entire attention to the Lord, “Jesus, I hereby bequeath to You all of the land and holdings that were under the authority of Wrath, they are now yours. I give them to you because all of my kingdom is my dowry to you, I am your Beloved and you are mine.”

The Lord blushed a bit with his favor and smiled at me with those eyes…”Yes M’Lady.  I’ve been waiting quite a while for that little parcel of land.  Thank you.”

We embraced ever so properly, and He took my right arm again and said, “Shall we?”

And He opened those tall, grand royal entry doors to the throne room of my kingdom, in my heart.

I turned to see the defeated Wrath, I do not know when the Black Knight left, but he was gone.

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