The Time Capsule That Changed Everything

The Time Capsule That Changed Everything is a fiction adventure novel, recently completed and now released both in eBook and paperback form.
Iris, who is a Jewish believer in Messiah, is an activist and becomes an heiress when her uncle dies. He was a very famous and well-loved author and leaves Iris his estate.
Iris orchestrates her uncle’s funeral, which was enormous because of who he was, and many Native Americans came to honor her due to her tireless work over the years for many of their causes. A medicine man named, Noon Lightening has a premonition while in the midst of a large crowd. He declares that there is powerful Indian medicine on the land.
Iris finds out at the reading of the Will a few weeks later, that an ancient artifact was indeed unearthed on the property while a garden bed was being dug.
Her uncle Jay had hired an expert to investigate the find and discovered it had more than a million dollar valuation. Uncle Jay had measures put in place to protect it. Iris contacts her friend, Chief Standing Bear to tell him of the relic. Chiefs arrive, along with Noon Lightening, to investigate the item. Iris is told about the other three artifacts, all with the same writings and message, but found in different parts of the country and determined to be hundreds of years in age apart. So, the likelihood of any coincidence is eliminated. These are ancient and their message is directly from The Creator, The Great Spirit.
However, powerful people in today’s world do NOT want the message of them to come to light. They will stop at nothing to keep them hidden from the public.
The Time Capsule That Changed Everything…the adventure and danger of the find.


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