Feast of Tabernacles

The Feast of Tabernacles

BEAUTIFUL! THIS IS YaHoVaH’S DOING AND IT IS WONDERFUL IN OUR EYES!!! This is fulfilled by the Lord Y’shua in that He made the way for the “tabernacle not made with hands” to be indwelt by the Holy Spirit of YaHoVaH! The Ruach Ha Kodesh! We read in Hebrews that we are the Temple not made with hands. Shaul -(Paul) tells us that we are the Temple of the Holy Ghost. We are the temporary dwelling places spoken of in the Old Testament.  Sometimes called Sukkahs.

We will definitely see further ways that this Feast will be fulfilled in the future, but that is because the way is made by the fulfillment of Y’shua’s work giving us Redemption, Reconciliation and Righteousness.

We can certainly make the Jews jealous with the fulfilled Feast of Tabernacles!  Oh my! This is not difficult to grasp! We must understand that YaHoVaH fulfilled all things through His Son… When Y’shua Ha Maschiach placed His blood upon the Mercy Seat and remission for sin was made, then the veil was rent in the temple of man!

Or to put it better, the ABILITY for the veil to become rent is made. We read that the veil in Heaven was split in half from the bottom up and in Jerusalem in the Temple the veil was rent from the top down. Since man is the temple and the design is from the Heavenly model, just as the Temple built on the mount was, the WAY was made by our Lord and Savior!  And the veil, or separation in man’s heart too!

Mankind can again be a “Living Soul” as Adam was because YaHoVaH breathed into him. !!! AWESOME!

Time itself was split, people! Time and Space were altered for ever!  Space was altered in that Heaven and Earth shared this event and the evidence is that the veils were rent at exactly the same time!  This is exciting stuff folks! In the Old Testament the prophets, kings and people only had the promise of what we have! We do not need to have a third temple built in Jerusalem!  WE ARE THE THIRD TEMPLE !

He is indwelling you. No more simply a visitation, but we have a HABITATION! Our hearts of stone were made flesh when He came into us…the WORD made FLESH.

We have THE COMFORTER !  The Authority over all the enemy!

One day we will enjoy the Marriage supper of the Lamb and we will be one with our Messiah in the fulfilled combination of the physical and the Spiritual. And we cannot limit our YaH for He is an eternal Spirit and there will always be more fulfillment.

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