The Son Forsaken

Vision of the Son Forsaken

The story surrounding this vision was again when I was doing the work of a missionary while I lived and worked in New York. I was a waitress at a small version of a Greek diner located on Main Street and was near bus and train stations and popular stores so it was a busy place. Most of the patrons and all of the employees knew that I was a minister.

I was the pastor of a nursing home and also worked closely with my people when they went in to hospice. I did this for almost 7 years and loved God’s people as they took their last walk “home”.

God told me that as long as I let LOVE lead me in my actions and reactions, He would stand with me and protect me. I failed Him many times but He never failed me…

There was a Jewish woman who used to come in at least once a week, but often it was more often than that. She would usually be accompanied by her son and his wife and the wife was not Jewish but of a different faith.

After waiting on them for a couple of years I had gained a good rapport with them and I liked them very much. I had overheard them talking about getting more help for the mother and she said she didn’t want them to spend a lot of money on her for cleaning ladies that they didn’t know and maybe shouldn’t trust.

I offered to clean her house on my day off. She was thrilled and they were relieved because they knew they could trust me. I worked several hours twice at her lovely home, and when she went to pay me I told her that I wanted this to be a “mikvah”, which means that it is a good dead that requires no payment.  She started to argue but saw that my eyes had filled with tears. I told her that I really wanted to bless her so I needed her to let me. If she wanted to she could keep it a secret and not tell her son or his wife and go out and buy herself something nice.

That week her son came in to the diner and thanked me personally. He asked if there was anything he could do for me. I told him no, I was really just enjoying his mom with him and wanted that to be ok with him. He shook my hand and sincerely thanked me again.

The next time that they came in the son said, “I’m reading your book, you know.”

“You mean the Bible’s new testament?”

“Yes. I got curious because of how you are.”

“That’s really a very moving compliment, you know.” Immediately, tears welled up in my eyes.

“Yes, I always look into what appears real. So much false around and it is refreshing to see genuine and real…and I like your response.”

“Thanks so much! I really am honored!”

Then I didn’t see them for a couple of weeks and wondered if they were all doing well or what.

Then they came in for a late lunch and we were still kind of busy so even though I wanted to talk to them I did not have the time.  As the son was walking towards the men’s room he was approaching to pass me. He stopped and said, “I really thought after reading most of Matthew that it really COULD BE that Jesus was the Maschiach. He almost convinced me…” He turned his head as though the next statement was very upsetting to say, “then I read where God forsakes His own son while he is in the worst pain and trauma imaginable? I was furious! So, do you have an answer? Do you have a Christian explanation for this? Why did it supposedly happen?”

I stammered and tried to wrap my brain around the question as I was trying to remember all the things I needed to get for my tables and I was in a frantic rush. He was searching my eyes for a glimmer of assurance that I had the perfect solution to his enormous problem with the gospel.

I replied, “Jacob, there are many answers to that question but they are involved answers which I cannot take the proper time to give you right now. But I will explain it when I can.”

He pressed me, “Just give me the nuts and bolts of it right now off the top of your head.”

I gave him the simple answer, “Well, Jesus became the curse and so His Father could not stand to see him as the curse and…”

He interrupted, No! MY GOD would never forsake His own son. NOW I know that your God and my God are not the same. I will never entertain religious commentary from you again.”

I tried to stop him from walking away so abruptly and was not successful.

I ran my food out to my tables and was hardly able to contain my emotions.

As soon as possible I ran into the lady’s room and cried out to God, I said, “Father! I have prayed for this family for a couple years now and I think I just blew it! I don’t know what to say to him. I don’t know what I should do! What can I tell him, since I really don’t know why You turned Your face away? I had no answer for this man to save his soul! I failed You.”

I was crying. I went into an open vision: The scene was from a spirit realm perspective and I will try to describe it.

The sky was dark and looked thick as I flew in to the Earth’s atmosphere from space. I saw the three crosses from a distance and the men who hung on them as I approached. I looked into the sky again to really see it for what it was and realized it was filled with spirits. Angels filled the sky -both the beautiful and the hideous alike. I looked at the Lord as He hung on the cross and every type of demonic angelic being was on Him and/or swooping at Him and attacking Him. They were eating His flesh, poking Him in His wounds and biting and doing all manner of unspeakable things to Him! I gasped and jerked away from the vision. It was over and I heard, “That is how I felt too.”

I tried to explain this all to Jacob, but he wouldn’t hear of it. I have shared it many times with others and people are always impacted by this vision…

It is an awesome thing that God did to ease my heart and give me a new truth.

















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