Bodily Temples

Nutrition and the Temple-that’s us!

I Corinthians 6:19  What? Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?

20  For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s.

 WE ARE THE 3RD TEMPLE- MADE WITHOUT HANDS!!!  The same design in Heaven and in the glorious ones built in Old Testament worship…

This is but one place where the Lord instructs us to understand that because we are the temple of the Holy Ghost we must take care of ourselves.  We are required to know how to care for our bodies if we are to actually carry out this directive. The Word says that the people perish for lack of knowledge hence, healings occur once we gain knowledge in a particular area.

 The first step to make concerning nutrition is to understand the body’s basic needs.  Basic needs begin at the cell level of the body, so we will do well to understand the functions of enzymes in our bodies, since there is no function the body performs without enzymes.

 Enzymes are vital for our survival, our health, and our lives. What are they?  They’re found in the animal kingdom primarily, that is our main source of them and they’re made of protein (amino acids).  Their function is to act as catalysts.  Catalysts are chemical lubricants that allow for all the chemical reactions and metabolic functions that take place in the body to happen and to happen efficiently.  (Most functions of the body will not take place without enzymes).

 What makes a catalyst a catalyst is that it will not enter in to the chemistry of a situation.  They do not have a repeat lifecycle; once they are used that’s it.  The body needs new ones or will draw from the others the body has in storage. 

 The human body was given a certain amount of enzymes at birth and we can look at this like a bank account.  If we continue to draw from the account and not replenish it, then we will soon be bankrupt.

 What kills enzymes?  One thing is Oxygen.  Once a tomato is cut, it begins to lose its value because it is exposed to the air and the enzymes are dying.  Secondly, Light kills them. Thirdly, Heat will destroy them, anything above 112 degrees. Fourth, certain chemicals will also destroy them.

 The canning industry has done extensive research into enzymes.  They realized that the same thing that caused the apple to ripen also caused it to spoil- enzymes.  Foods that are pasteurized have had the enzymes removed.  Preservatives also kill the enzymes in our foods and processed foods have no enzymes. Frozen foods lose about 5-15 % of the enzyme content. Steamed, (Still slightly crunchy) will have a 15-40% loss. Cooked, there is none they are all dead.

 Food in its raw state has the most enzymes, provided that chemicals were not sprayed on the growing plant thereby killing off most of the enzymes.  So what we are looking for is organically grown fresh fruits and vegetables for our enzyme bank account to grow. 

 The body has such a vast amount of activity and enzymes are required to perform each task: thought processes and neurological functions, vital organs, digestion, using the five senses, physical movement…the list is exasperating!  So now if we have this bank account and we are eating a diet consisting primarily of cooked foods, meats, chemically grown veggies, etc., then we are not replenishing our account. Since the body only has a certain amount of enzymes, it will budget its functions as needed. The main function of the body is to survive. 

 We have seen in the recent decades of America, that the greatest killer of our children is cancer.  A cancerous cell is the sickest a cell can be and not be dead. Also on the rise is the inability for couples to conceive, premature births, spontaneous abortions and premature menopause in women, just to name a few recent anomalies.

 So what is happening?  As the enzyme level of the body begins to drop off, the body will cut out certain things that are not vital to survival.  If a woman gets pregnant and her body cannot sustain her unborn child the body cuts it from the budget.  The woman’s body is more important to the system since the goal is survival.  And so it goes.

 Children with cancer?  They can be the 2nd and 3rd generations of individuals with low enzyme bank accounts who are then fed dead food and their already small bank accounts of enzymes are used up to convert the dead food to live food for their bodies to grow-but certainly not in health.  If we do not wake up things will worsen for our bodies.

 The situation can be reversed!!!  Along with changing our diet we can add enzymes to our systems by purchasing Vegetarian Digestive Enzymes, (Food Source Enzymes) at a local nutrition center and supplement our existing diet. 

 Speaking of supplements, let’s look at vitamins; they are sold in crystalline form, also known as fractionated, and they have as their original source-food. That’s good, right?  Well let’s see.

Consider that scientists are analyzing natural life forms and figuring out their beneficial elements for man.  Then they break down their formulas and take out all the “Unwanted” factors of the fruit or vegetable and narrow it down to the main component of the beneficial nutrient.  Example: They want to make vitamin C out of an orange.  After it is all said and done it is broken down into ascorbic acid.  Well that’s vitamin C isn’t it?

 Not really.  In nature, vitamin C consists of a whole complex of components.  Scientists have identified at least seven other complex components that make up nature’s vitamin C. Ascorbic acid is only one of them. The others help our body to use the ascorbic acid.  A good orange will have 50mg if vitamin C.  People feel that they can do far better than that by taking a vitamin tablet of maybe 500mg of vitamin C.  But the problem with this concept is “Bioavailability”. Bioavailability is how well our body can assimilate the crystalline form of vitamins, and the body is unable to utilize them because the other compounds or co-factors are missing. 

 After you take vitamins, you may have noticed that your urine has turned orangish or bright yellow.  This is not a co-incidence.  This is the vitamins you took, running right through you.  Your body could not assimilate them, even though they may be “Natural” vitamins.

 So why is it that sometimes we do end up feeling better after we take our vitamins?  The answer is that not all the co-factors are removed and so the body can utilize some of the vitamin or nutrient.   The real problem is that usually people take vitamins and continue to eat a poor or mainly “dead” diet.  They don’t want to change what they eat they just want a pill to make it all better…(Sounds American to me.)

 Synthetic formula vitamins are even a bit worse as far as bioavailability is concerned.  Scientists analyze the compounds and attempt to reproduce them.  What happens is that the formulas can only be reproduced as a mirror image and not as carbon copies, so to speak.  Nature produces everything with a dextro-rotatory, or with a right hand spin. (Yes His Word points out that it is by His mighty right hand…) Everything man made is produced with a laevorotatory, or with a left hand spin.  So it is like trying to put a right hand glove on a left hand; it is the same scientific formula but it cannot be used by the body.

 So for starters, pick up the vegetable enzymes, begin to eat organically grown fruits and vegetables, nuts and grains, and try to limit your use of dead foods!

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