Birth Defect Be Gone

Birth Defect Be Gone

The Christian Retreat, Florida is a very unique place.  There are condos, house trailers and town houses, to provide permanent residences, then there are camp grounds and a hostel with a restaurant for travellers and those who wish to experience the various events and conferences the Retreat has to offer.  There is a school, The Institute of Ministry, called fondly, “The School of the Spirit” that instructs students from around the globe.

When Jesus sent the disciples out to the towns and villages He told them that the people they would be helping in the Spirit would be providing for them in the natural.  It is still the same today in many cases.

There was a time when there was a pregnant woman who befriended me.  Our friendship was in large part me loving and teaching her the Word for her life.  She was dealing with her husband, children and pregnancy while staying with her mother. Her mother had a trailer on the Christian Retreat grounds.

When her daughter was born everyone rejoiced!  The child was beautiful!  I was so happy for my new friend.

Then, within a few days we were informed that the child had been admitted to the St. Petersburg Children’s Hospital.  The child did not thrive and was unable to hold down anything. 

The Pastor, Phil, asked the congregation to pray and also asked for people who were close to the family to come up and lay hands on the child’s grandmother who was standing in proxy for the child.

Of course I went to the front since she was my friend.  When we laid hands on her, I immediately saw a flap-like valve cover go into spasm. It was not staying in place over the entrance of the stomach, and I saw it!

I shared the vision with Pastor and he then had me command the child’s body to come into order.  So I prayed and called forth peace to the faulty cover. I commanded the body to come into alignment and to function the way God created it.

After church I drove the hour up to the hospital to visit my friend and her child.  She said the doctors were planning on performing surgery but that from 11:00am the baby stopped crying and took nourishment and did not have any problems. The beautiful child was released from the hospital and the problem never recurred.

The doctors said that it was probably not what they had thought it was or it would still be a problem and the only help for it was surgery.

However, we all knew that it was because God had revealed the problem and we prayed and most importantly God answered.


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