Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur

The High Holy Day of Yom Kippur is the most holy day of the year. It is also a type and shadow picture of things to come, according to the LORD. So, let us look into a type and shadow of what happened when the Messiah was here in the flesh.

This feast was fulfilled by Y’shua Ha Maschiach (Jesus the Messiah) when He stood before Pontius Pilot who was the representative in Jerusalem of the authority of the known civilization of Earth to either set Him free or to put Him to death. Y’shua died for the sins of the world not only the Hebrews.


I have gotten a bit of flack over my understanding of this feast, but I will tell you, I really believe that we must realize that fulfillment is not necessarily seen in this physical realm.  Also, I believe that things can be fulfilled and yet not made manifest in this realm yet, but are of the Spirit and so are fulfilled in the spiritual realm. 


Additionally, the Feasts of the Lord are types and shadow pictures of things to come, so are not necessarily fulfilled to the very day or hour.

The Roman Empire ruled the world at this time and Pilot was the representative of that Empire’s authority in Jerusalem.  Y’shua responded to Pilot when he questioned Him, I believe, because He recognized this authority.  However, Y’shua told Pilot that he only had what he had because His Father gave it to him!

This was YaHoVaH’s plan unfolding because the sacrifice of His Son was for the whole of mankind!  The Cohen HaGadol of Israel, would not be YaHoVaH’s choice for this fulfillment of the Day of Atonement because he would only have the authority for (and the heart for) the Jewish people and not for all of mankind.  YaHoVaH desires that none should perish but that all would have everlasting life.

If you remember that in the Old Testament the High Priest put the sins of the nation, and the sins of one male lamb (ram), upon the ram without spot or wrinkle which was to be offered as the sacrifice.

Then the ram that was to be the Scapegoat (the Escaped One) who represented the Nation and who was not deserving to be exonerated by a Holy God was blessed and they let him go free… with the declaration from the High Priest:  He is free to go!

Then the Kohen HaGadol would turn to the ram who would take on all the sins and  announce, “Behold the ram!” And this was the ram that would be sacrificed at precisely 3pm. This sin offering would cover the sins of the people of Israel for one year. The lamb’s blood being poured out was an atonement.

So a similar type and shadow picture played out that day, but with a greater accomplishment because the sins of the world would be atoned for –once and for all men!

Pilot announced that he had the authority to release one prisoner to honor the High Holy Day of the Jews. Then, Pilot called for them to bring out Barabbas. Barabbas was an enemy of Rome and was a murderer.

Then Pilot asked if they should release Barabbas or Y’shua (Jesus). The crowd screamed to crucify Y’shua and set Barabbas free. Now here is the real beauty of this passage to bring it to full understanding and clarity:

The name Barabbas means, son of the Father. Bar Abbas. Here we have a murderer who is named– “son of the father” and Y’SHUA THE Son of THE Father-sinless and blameless and who was the fullness of the Godhead bodily! They are standing on either side of Pilate. After the crowd chooses, they blessed Barabbas and sent him on his way, (the Scapegoat) and then Pilate said pointing to Y’shua, “I find no fault in him!” And then after Barabbas was released Pilot said of Y’shua, “Behold the man!” (In the O.T. the High Priest said, “Behold the ram.”)

So, they crucified the Lord for the sins of the world and at exactly 3pm He gave up the Ghost!  THIS God/man sacrifice took away the sins of the world! Not only a covering-but TOOK THE SINS OF THE WORLD COMPLETELY AWAY!

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  1. Jasmine E. Merry-Heart says:

    I totally agree with is understanding. Just as you began to speak of the scapegoat i said aloud, she is going to talk about Barabbas and Yahusha. Barabbas being the scapegoat. Excellent!. It takes the Ruach HaQodesh (Holy Spirit) to open our eyes to see beyond the obvious. Well done!

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