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Please check out the teachings page to see what I believe and try to share with others. I have had many visions over the years and have a page with several of them published there.  I have shared my beliefs regarding our Hebraic Roots and I have teachings on the Feasts of the Lord and the fulfilled prophetic scriptures from the Old Testament. I hope you enjoy browsing my site!  Please make sure you look at the GMO (Genetically Engineered Foods) teachings and links pages…in the Bodily Temples section.

As a minister I have determined that God’s people are so full of gifts and ideas that they need an avenue to pour  forth from. If you have something you want to share, please contact me by email and send it in. IF I feel it is well done and truth, then I will publish it here.  It can be a God encounter or personal testimony in which Christians can give their testimony of how God showed up in their life and made a difference.

ANNOUNCING NEW TEACHING BOOK !  God’s Appointments; Dates With His Beloved 

Just click on the book and buy the ebook version now on Amazon for only $4.99 ! I explain, in clear and concise language, about the Feasts of the Lord. They are appointments with YaHoVaH and I start with the Shabbat. If you are new to the Hebraic Roots (Divine Roots) of the Christian faith, then you will benefit from this book.

God's Appointments; Dates with His Beloved: Dates With His Beloved by [Sack, Linda L.]

If you would like either of my books in paperback form, click on the mountain which will take you to PayPal. Make your donation for a minimum of $10.99 + $3.99 for shipping and you will receive a book from Peacock Press.

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Here is my other Kindle Book, which is called, Deep Calling Unto Deep for only $3.99. It is a memoir of trials and how I found my identity in Messiah.

Amazon offers a free download to allow you to read Kindle publications right on your PC-yes and there’s one for Apple too!  FREE!

Deep Calling Unto Deep: In Poetic Verse and Doodle Art by [Sack, Linda L.]

When you purchase my book, you are helping this ministry defray costs to this website, so, again, my Kindle book is only $3.99.


About LindaSack

I am a minister who really loves people! Wow, what a concept! I am a writer, artist and preacher. I also enjoy singing and studying.
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5 Responses to Welcome to Arise To Zion Ministries!

  1. Alice says:

    Once again your teachings are right on. The teaching in audio on Forming Weapons made me think a lot more about what or how I say things that affect others.

  2. Missy Plum says:

    Your teachings are fascinating…things I’ve read but missed the deeper meaning. Thank you for posting all this on a website. I’m looking for, but haven’t found yet, your teaching about the other people on the earth whom God created but were not put into the garden with Adam & Eve. My son was told by the Lord to read the bible cover to cover and he has a lot of questions. He also believs there will be zombies soon. Soliman said there is nothing new under the sun, so have there been cases of zombies before? Its easy to see how GMO food could bring about zombies. My son also was told by the Lord not to eat fast food; it makes him physically I’ll. He is studying Joseph right now and loves this biblical character. He’s also suffering a terrible heart ache. When he asked the Lord why he was grid ing so much for this girl, he felt the Lord told him because she’s your wife. She went off to college & has pulled away from her Christian beliefs, wanting instead to have ‘fun’. Amazing how the Lord works out good in our life, case in point, by bringing him back to Himself, our reward and inheritance!!
    Keep up the good work Pastor…Missy P

    • Linda L. Sack says:

      Yes, well, I am glad you are getting as much as possible from them! I am wanting to video more of my stuff that is as of this time unpublished, but now that I have had to return to working I think I am going off into oblivion. I am crippled all over again and I am close to saying oh well! the home can go.
      Maybe I am not really a minister, maybe I am just a cook afterall.

  3. keep, up the good work, looking forward to reading your new material. lista de emails lista de emails lista de emails lista de emails lista de emails