Come Out of Babylon!

We know from history that the Assyrian ruler, Antiochus Epiphanes saw that the Israeli people were “difficult” to rule.  Hellenic culture was considered superior and the four world leaders of Alexander the Great’s Army were attempting to Hellenize the world that they helped Alexander conquer.  The Jews were standing in the way of this and so Antiochus decided to go to the heart of the matter—Jerusalem.

He made it against his law to worship as a Jew and the penalty for breaking his law was death.  He set up a statue of Jupiter in the court of the Temple and demanded that the Jews worship it.  Mothers who had their sons circumcised were killed after watching their newborns hanged. The Rabbis who performed the bris were also killed.

Antiochus went to Matathias who was a wealthy and devout man, highly esteemed by the people.  Antiochus offered him lands and more riches and a seat in his government if he would worship Jupiter and show the nation of Israel to conform.  Antiochus had a pig slain and roasted on the altar of the Temple, defiling it and driving home the horror of it all throughout the land  Not only did Matathias refuse but he and his sons led a revolt:  The Macabbeen Rebellion.

The Lord was with the Israelis and despite being outnumbered and having less armaments and training, they were victorious over the Assyrians! This is the greatest miracle of Channukah!

The removal of a people group’s worship, traditions, customs and societal way of life is what the Selucids under Antiochus attempted to eradicate.  In this way they did not need to kill the people, but would destroy their soul.  Mao Tse Tung killed 80 million people in order to destroy their ability to revolt and to conquer them from within.  Antiochus  had a variation on the theme but it would have proved to be quite effective as well.   (I will expound on the removal of a people group’s worship, traditions, customs and societal way of life as being their landmarks or the distinguishing features of that people group.)

If we want to understand the way in which the New World Order will arise we need to pay particular attention to the lesson of history with regard to the removal of landmarks.  It is not only happening on a physical and societal level but I submit to you that it is happening on a spiritual level as well.  Think about it; if the enemy wants to really pull Spirit filled believers off track how will he do it?  He will use deception –his only tool!  And so -how????  He will speak to congregations through false prophets, he will use pressure of the people on pastors (like what happened to King Saul), he will use these and the tares he has sown into the Body to remove the landmarks of what it is to be Christian.

This has already happened. When Constantine used the paganization of Christianity to unite his kingdom, it also removed many truths of the faith once delivered to the saints. Judaism was removed from the gospel to a great degree and that removed the landmarks of the faith.

Our worship:  Y’shua said we must worship God in Spirit and Truth. (John 4)  So, the enemy- using his tares, brings in another spirit and removes the Truth.  I declare to you that much of the music for worship in the churches actually conjures spirits of the anti-christ…oh help us Lord!  And so how does a person become one that the enemy can use so strongly?  The person has STRONG TIES TO THE WORLD!

The basic truths which we as Christians should hold onto cannot be replaced, removed, watered down or added to. Some basics:

The Tanakh is the infallible Word of God and as Paul explained, is Spirit breathed Truth

The triune Godhead, (not Trinity),

the virgin birth,

the sinlessness of Y’shua the Messiah and Savior,

the fact that Y’shua is the only begotten son of the Father,

the atonement of our sins by the application of His blood on the Mercy Seat in Heaven,

The Holy Spirit, (Ruach HaKodesh) was poured out on mankind and is now able to dwell in man. (Temporary Tabernacles that we are!),

The Spiritual Gifts of the Ascension were given, etc. etc.

So, now you may understand that if the false apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers, evangelists are given a place in a worship center, that center will spiral down into error very quickly and if not corrected, can have its lampstand removed out of its place. It would then become a cult.

Please, PLEASE, get very familiar with the Ruach HaKodesh, (HOLY SPIRIT) and when you see the false in your midst, ask the LORD what you should do next.

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