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This is a short list of various video teachings that I believe will change your life! They are informative and are a must watch for every citizen of the United States and especially for God’s people! Please, view them and take them to heart!


The enemy has the power to be deceiving in any manner of hearing the Lord. For instance they can speak to you and you may believe it is just a thought. Once you entertain that thought then the evil spirit gets a foothold into your mind. If you do not deal with it by taking that thought captive to the obedience of Messiah, then the evil can become a stronghold.

Strongholds are any concepts, ideologies, theologies, beliefs, values or value systems, or simple thoughts which a person will defend because they have accepted them as truth and/or given them credibility for their lives. A person may hide behind these strongholds and use them as defense mechanisms to argue their points.

PASS ON THE INFO TO EVERYONE ON YOUR EMAIL LIST!  Cloned animals and their by-products are in the open market in the U.S. since 2006. (USDA website)  Genetically Modified Organisms, poisonous food and water additives, vaccines are all ways that our government is incorporating soft kill death methods.

AND THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS:  ONLY GOD IS CREATOR!  These evil actions are taking God’s pleasure out of His creation!

This is one of my Testimonies which I was asked to share at a Freedom For Religion Rally. The Rally was held on June 18th in Sarasota. Johnny Jackson was at the helm and we saw buses arrive filled with those who stood for religious freedom! Sadly, in 2 large counties we only had 900 people attend. We tried to notify churches and I know that I personally handed out many, many flyers to pastors and for whatever reason they did not choose to notify their congregations. Some told me it was a Catholic issue.  As you may notice in the preemptive song, “Taps”, I did not let it finish because I am believing that America will return to the God of its fathers:  The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; YaHoVaH and His Son, Y’shua HaMaschiach!

Dr. Russel Blaylock – Neurological Disorders and the Toxins  ~ Dr. Blaylock is a retired Neurosurgeon and a Born again Christian. God asked him to try to warn His people of what is happening in this dark time of our history.

Dr. Jeffrey M. Smith explains GMOs…this is unbelievable!  Alex Jones and food industry secrets


Geoengineering, weather modification, – are NOT conspiracy theories!

Obama re-elected makes way for Caliphate  This is a very disturbing report! A must read…

The United States of America is the only thing standing in front of a One World Order. Before the One World Order is accomplished the Jews must return to the land God gave to them since 1948.

Since the U.S. is the only nation in which they have not vacated, God said He would first send the fishers, (Christians) and if they still refuse He will send the hunters. There will be an invasion from within and from across the ocean by the Muslims. They are the Beast which was killed unto death and then revives, and the whole world will marvel! This is the Ottoman Empire, which in today’s terms is the Muslim Brotherhood. Please watch the videos.  The mark of the Beast is Arabic writing which is the sign given when you choose your life over the Messiah’s and do not get your head chopped off…you get the mark of Allah and are designated as such.

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