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Blessings! I am a Jewish woman who was raised Catholic. My maternal Grandmother was Ashkenazi on both sides, mother and father. My father’s father was a Sephardic Jew. We were getting beaten up in the new neighborhood we moved to in Pennsylvania. They would beat us to the ground and then kick us, calling us “Christ killin’ Jew-pigs.”
I didn’t understand why they said this because we went to Catholic school up until the year before we moved there. I asked my Grand pop, who I was very close to. He told me that we should’ve never told anyone that we were Jewish. I said that we didn’t and yet they knew. I also asked him if he was ashamed of being Jewish. His answer lets me know he must’ve seen and endured much pain for being a Jew. He said, “Don’t you understand? The whole world wants to kill us just for being Jews.”

When I was 16, I was a true student of the Word of God, studying the Old Testament for many hours
at a time. I decided that the Catholics had it wrong and I went to my father and told him of my decision. I said that I wanted to go to the nearest synagogue and convert to Judaism. He clenched his teeth and told me that he forbid me to do that. He said that they would take Jesus from me. I obeyed my father. Currently, however, I am attending a Conservative synagogue and am trying to learn the prayers and services. I hope to learn Hebrew but it is difficult without a hands-on teacher. I’m converting to Conservative Judaism. I love the services. I love the songs. I love my God. I love the people and the Rabbi and his beautiful wife and family. This is where I want to study.

My journey with God has been one of confusion and ups and downs but knowing that He is perfect, all the fault for all of that, lies with me. Once I stopped running from who I am, I was able to discover my identity in Him.

I am an ordained minister, I began in ministry in 1998, birthing a church in China. I operate in the gifts of discernment, teaching, word of knowledge, healing and deliverance, and have had many visions throughout the years in my walk with the LORD.

I have been sent to several nations around the world and have ministered extensively in New York among its many people groups. I am establishing this website to encourage others to know that a person of the Kingdom of God does NOT have to be famous in order to walk with miracles, signs and wonders following them! Please feel free to send your prayer requests to me and I will agree with you to the Father, YaHoVaH about your needs! I hope you will explore my teachings, visions, poetic verse and testimony pages and become inspired by the Holy Spirit to go beyond your comfort zone and begin (or continue) to establish the Kingdom of God on the Earth!

Arise To Zion Ministries is a freelance ministry so you will not get a tax right-off for any donations. However, if you feel that you have benefitted from any of this work, I ask that you be led of Ruach HaKodesh as to whether or not you should donate to further the
mission of this ministry.

Thank you and bless you!
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The Risen Christ Awaits His Rising Bride! Arise To Zion Ministries believes that ministry is necessary for spirit, soul and body, because man is a spirit who lives in a body and has a soul…

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