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Please check out the teachings page to see what I believe and try to share with others. I have had many visions over the years and have a page with several of them published there.  I have shared my beliefs regarding our Hebraic Roots and I have teachings on the Feasts of the Lord and the fulfilled prophetic scriptures from the Old Testament. I hope you enjoy browsing my site!  Please make sure you look at the GMO (Genetically Engineered Foods) teachings and links pages…in the Bodily Temples section.

As a minister I have determined that God’s people are so full of gifts and ideas that they need an avenue to pour  forth from. I am developing a way for that to happen through my new video series:  Miracles on Main Street.  It is a God encounter or personal testimony series in which Christians can give their testimony of how God showed up in their life and made a difference.

I have published books -here is my Kindle Book for only $3.99.  Amazon offers a free download to allow you to read Kindle publications right on your PC-yes and there’s one for Apple too!  FREE!

Here is a sample of one of my poems, which is not in the book but gives you an idea of my ART-(yes, I did all the illustrations!) and my writing style:

The Other Side of the Light

In the stillness I hear the torturous cries on the other side of the light, the quiet, peaceful light.

What can muffle them?  Can others hear?  I have heard no reports of it…

The child’s book of Horton who heard the who—am I mad?

But no, just haunted, one who sees …often because of the hearing…

The realm of grace covers the sounds so most ears should not need to deal with the horror.

So what of it then?  What can be done?  Who will stand in the gap with me and care about the multitudes?

Who out there are praying?  Can unity be found?  When He returns will He find faith in the Earth?  I pray I am found in that company—if there is one.

There is no more reality in silence…for there is no more silence, and eyes are peering at me through the shadows______

The babies:  some put in cold stainless bowls–weeks old–torn from the womb–their resting place in the Hazardous Waste Bins from the altars to Molech

Some born to suffer poverty and abuse

Some cut their teeth on the pews only to be molested by shepherds

Most, to be poisoned by the delicacies of Babylon-their own mothers provide them

The corn stalks weep and wail—can you not hear them?

They flap and clap their hands to praise the Creator—but He rejects their lauds of praise

They are an abomination to him now, crossed into the oblivion of man-made food chains

-injected with the death of the anti-christ  lifeforms

…offered on altars of glory to man

now mere foods offered to idols

abominations, tortured and  lost

So it is, on the other side of the silence…listen carefully…can you not hear?

Can you not see behind the colors of the light?  You must ask yourself why you cannot see or hear…please search it out

–arise from your slumber

–come back from the land of Nod

When you purchase my book, you are helping this ministry defray costs to this website, so, again, my Kindle book is only $3.99 and is called:

From Broken Little Girl to Princess  Amazon Kindle Book


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